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B&B Pipe Purge

B&B Offers a full line of Pipe Purging Systems that improve weld quality, save time, save shielded gas consumption and expense, and generally increase productivity.  We offer the P.B.S System, the Pronto Pipe Purge System and the Double Seal Purging System.  These three types of pipe purging operate with the same principle of creating a purge dam on both sides of the root gap reducing the area of oxygen to be purged.  The Inflatable Pipe Plugs are a common method of stopping the end of pipe for purging the entire length.  B&B also offer a practical purge monitor that can detect oxygen content down to .01%.

Why Purge ?

Purge Bag System

Purge System

When welding stainless steel, titanium, and other corrosion resistant materials, the perfect environment for welding is paramount in maintaining the corrosion resistant properties.

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Used for 90% of the traditional pipe weld purging applications to provide bright, shiny, oxide free weld roots. The Purge Bag Systems are quick and easy to use providing a very rapid weld purge.                

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Used for stainless, duplex and chrome steels, titanium, nickel and other alloy materials, B&B’s Pronto Purge™ systems enable high speed welding of larger diameter pipe joints that have to be purged.

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Inflatable Pipe Plug

B&B offers a range of shapes and sizes of inflatable stoppers, suitable for all applications. Made from a natural rubber bladder covered in waterproof polyurethane coated nylon to prevent friction and static electricity build up.                    

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B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools introduces inexpensive, top quality Nylon Expanding Pipe Stoppers that are ideal for inert gas purging, Nylon construction and natural rubber rings are resistant to many chemicals and corrosion. The versatile plugs come in sizes ranging from 1.5 inch to 6 inch and have a hollow shaft with a screw cap for sealing or purging.

Double Seal
Purge System

 B&B Pipe & Industrial Tools also offers the Silicone Double Seal purging system that has been designed to further reduce both inert gas use and purging time.

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Oxygen Purge Monitor

Inert gas welding requires the exclusion of oxygen from the weld zone during the welding process. Prior to the welding process, the residual oxygen concentration must be reduced to a required minimum.

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