B&B Pipe & Industrial Tools - The pipe jacks and pipe stands are backed with over 25 years of manufacturing experience. All pipe jacks and pipe stands are rated with at least a 2:1 safety ratio that is 3rd party tested. We have made B&B pipe jacks the strongest, most durable products on the market. B&B also offers an extensive range of head options for any pipe fabrication application.


  • 2,500lbs / 1,135 kg load capacity
  • Three Sizes:
  • 27" - 47" Standard
  • 20" - 37" Low Profile (Stubby)
  • 16" - 26" Super Low Profile (Super stubby)
  • Third party tested with at least a 2:1 safety ratio.
  • Oversized 10" V-head for increased safety.
  • Oversized square tube legs and braces for increased durability.
  • 1½" ACME rod is largest in the industry.
  • Quick lock washer height adjustment for easy use.
  • More head options than any other manufacturer.
  • Increased width stance for better stability.
  • Square tube bracing offers additional strength and rigidity.
  • Safety washer can be locked on to base for increased operator safety.
  • Our fixed leg pipe jacks have a recommended 12" pipe diameter capacity.