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B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools manufactures a complete line of pipe fabrication tools and machines within our five product categories.
If you are a pipe or tube fabricator, we aim to be your first stop when looking for tools and machines. 

- Pipe Jacks & Stands help the fabricator lift and hold the pipe at a safe working height and increase fit-up efficiency.

- Beveling & Cutting Machines prepare the pipe for welding, making up a precise and consistent bevel or cut.

- Clamping & Fit-Up Tools align pipe just before the weld also increasing efficiency and reducing labor cost.

- Purge Equipment removes oxygen from the inside of exotic pipe & replaces it with shielded gas, improving quality & savings.

- Pipe Rigging Equipment aids in moving pipe into the desired position safely and with ease.

These fabrication tools and machines will save your pipe fabrication project money by increasing efficiency, quality and safety.


B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools manufacture one of the most complete lines of Pipe Jacks & Stands available. With over 100 variations we are confident we make the Pipe Jack or Pipe Stand you need.

B&B also offers a line of Pipe Cutting & Pipe Beveling machines. All flame styles, End prep machines, and Split Frame cutting and beveling machines are quality built at a great price.

After you bevel the pipe, B&B Pipe and Industrial tools offer a complete Pipe Clamp - Pipe Alignment line. These clamps and fit-up tools are all manufactured by B&B and in stock, ready to ship.

B&B offers various Purging Systems to help improve the quality of your exotic pipe fabrication while lowering gas expense, decreasing fabrication time, and significant savings in labor expenses.

Once the pipe fabrication project is complete and its time to move the pipe into position, B&B pipe and Industrial tools Rigging Rollers and Slings move pipe safely into position while protecting the pipe surface.

Demo Trailer

Please call or email to request a demo on our products. Currently we have the B&B demo trailer in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma in an effort to visit every pipe fabrication facility that will have us.

Product Spotlight

NEW!  Check out our Nylon Expanding Pipe Stopper. Great quality, great price, and in stock!

  • Plumbed through for purging.
  • Quality, lightweight, durable nylon.
  • Will not rust or corrode.
  • Great for sealing, isolation, stopping and weld purging.
  • Helps prevent pipe contamination.

Upcoming Events

Powergen - Las Vegas
December 5 - 7

Please come and visit our booths at these exhibitions and trade shows. Call or email for free B&B guest tickets, and look for new B&B products!

Product Spotlight

NEW!  Check out our Stepped Wedge™ & Gauge. Great quality, great price, and coming soon!

  • Two tools in one. Wedge and Gauge.
  • Pull or push for gap width adjustments.
  • The Stepped Wedge allows full line of sight during fit-up.
  • Unique hole allows fall protection and wedge extraction.
  • Landings can be measured quickly and accurately.

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