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B&B Pipe Jacks & Stands – Mega Roller


CB&I and Bechtel approached B&B with a need for a heavier duty jack that can withstand the toughest pipe fabrication abuse and B&B delivered the 10,000 lb. Mega Roller. The B&B 10,000 lb. Mega Roller fits nicely between the more common Pipe Jack and Pipe Stand lines and the much heavier duty Turning Roll products that are available on the market today.  The Mega Roller safely holds larger diameter heavy wall pipe off the ground at an ergonomic height, while allowing the slight height adjustment for fit ups via the twin 1 3/4 solid acme rods. Extra features like four way forklift capabilities or optional v groove wheels allow the durable Mega Rollers to be moved with ease within heavy duty pipe fabrication facilities. If you have a heavy wall fabrication project up to 48 inches, the Mega Roller is your answer.



• 10,000 lb. weight capacity.

• 4 - 60 inch pipe capacity.

• Operational height 30-46 inches.

• Shipping weight 239 lbs.

• 4 way fork lift access points.

• Heavy duty 1 3/4 inch solid acme rod for durable yet precise       adjustment under load.

• Optional spring loaded transport cart or v groove track cart available.

• 3x10 inch urethane over steel wheels standard for exotic or carbon pipe with bearings for smooth rotation.

• Stainless or carbon block v head available to eliminate pipe   rotation.

• Tri-handle for accessible and safe raising and lowering.


    PART NUMBER 3806


    • 6,000 lb. weight capacity.
    • 48 inch pipe capacity.
    • Operational height 30-42 inches.
    • Also available in height adjustable models.
    • 6x3 inch heavy duty urethane over steel wheels with sealed bearings ideal for smooth bump free pipe rotation.
    • Heavy duty 1 3/4 inch solid acme rod for durable yet precise adjustment under load.
    • Contamination free wheels are ideal for carbon or exotic pipe fabrication.
    • Heavy gauge steel construction throughout. These mega rollers are made for years of job-site abuse.
    •  Powder coated safety red for high visibility.

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