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B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools offers three styles of adjustable pipe rollers for use in fabrication shops or on site/field work.  These pipe rollers balance a light weight design allowing fabricators to lift and move up to two rollers at a time to the desired location, and a heavy duty capacity allowing up to 42" pipe and up to 2,500 lbs weight capacity. 

Fixed Height Adjustable Pipe Roller

B&B's Adjustable Pipe Roller has been in use and in the field for many years with thousands sold.  This is a commonly preferred stand in turn-around and shutdown work due to its four leg stability, lightweight yet robust construction, and affordable price. 

Feature & Advantages

    1. Stable 4 leg design with a 24" x 30" footprint.
    1. 1½" wide wheels to reduce instances of "pipe travel".
    1. ​Removable wheel housings for ease of shipment and                replacement.
    1. ​T-Handle lock to stop pipe rotation.
    1. Wheels can be easily adjusted to accommodate pipe up to 36".
    1. 2,500 lbs weight capacity (with steel wheels).

Multiple Wheel Options

Steel Wheels

1½" x 4" carbon steel wheels are the most common wheel used with a 2,500 lbs capacity.

Capacity = 2,500 lbs

Rubber Wheels

Rubber or Synthetic wheels can be used to avoid scuff on pipes with coatings or skins.

Capacity = 1,000 lbs

Stainless Wheels

Stainless Wheels are an option for contamination free rolling on exotic pipe.

Capacity = 2,500 lbs

Ball Transfers

Stainless Ball Transfer heads can not only rotate pipe, but feed as well.  Stainless ball can be used with carbon or exotic pipe.

Capacity = 1,000 lbs

Part Numbers & Specifications

For a 8,000 lbs increased capacity roller, please click here.