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End Prep Cutting & Beveling Machines

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools is proud to launch a new line of ID mount pipe beveling and facing machines.  Tag-Pipe UK has partnered with B&B to be the exclusive wholesaler for these impressive machines in the Americas with a full sales and service facility in Houston, TX.  These quality made machines are backed with over 35 years of manufacturing, sales, and service experience with products sold and used all over the world.  These machines are of superior quality and will be sold alongside the B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools brand.  B&B can now offer a line of competitive pipe beveling machines complimenting our Pipejacks & Stands, Pipe Clamps & Fit-Up Tools, Pipe Purging Systems, and Pipe Rigging Products, offering one of the most complete lines of pipe fabrication tools on the market.

Carbon and Exotic Beveling up to 2 inch thick.

Beveling from 1/2 to 24 inch pipe

Machine quality bevel in the shop or field in minutes.

B&B End Prep Bevel and Facing Machines offer incredible value with more features as a standard, at a low comparative price.

More Features + Low price = Better Value​



(part number tp2p & tp2e)

Range 1/2 - 1 1/2 Inches

Electric or Pneumatic

The Prep 2 machines are lightweight yet extremely powerful. They are favorites in power station shut downs due to their ease of set up and speed of operation. Turning at 210 -250 RPM’ the prep 2 excels in beveling small diameter pipe and tube all while weighing a hair over 10 lbs!


(part number tp3p & tp3e)

Range 1 - 3 Inches

Electric or Pneumatic

The Prep 3 is a slight step up from the prep 2 offering increased range and increased power. The Prep 3 is regarded as the number one tool in the marine, boiler, and power generation industries. An auto lock device is available for repetitive work and at a very light 22 lbs this machine is ready to be in operation all day.


(part number tp4p & tp4e)

Range 1 - 4 Inches

Electric or Pneumatic

The Prep 4 is a versatile light weight machine that is also quite powerful. It boasts an increased locking range from 1-4 inches ID that performs equally well in the shop or job-site. The Prep 4 is available with a 800 watt Bosch electric motor, or a 1.33 HP pneumatic drive. These torque reactive machines require no clamping making quick work of set up, bevel, and moving the operator onto the next bevel.


(part number tp8p & tp8e)

Range 2 - 8 Inches

Electric or Pneumatic

The Prep 8 is designed to produce fast and accurate cuts on any type and thickness of material. With an impressive pipe diameter range of 2-8 inches and a whopping 1.8 horsepower in the pneumatic model, all while turning 50 rpm's and weighing less then 50 lbs. The prep 8 is the model ID bevel machine balancing power and efficiency.


(part number tp16p & tp16e)

Range 3 - 16 Inches

Electric or Pneumatic

The Prep 16 is our offering of a heavy duty mid range model. Sitting with a 3 HP pneumatic , or 1750 Watt electric motor any bevel application can be performed with in the impressive 3-16 inch range. J-preps, counter boring, and facing can all be performed with proper tooling and the heavy duty 4 jaw chuck. The Prep 16 is ideal for off shore, nuclear, and other applications were precision welds are required at an incredible value.


(part number tp20p & tp20e)

Range 4 - 20 Inches

Electric or Pneumatic

The Prep 20 form tool beveling machine is quite impressive with a versatile range of 4-20 inches. These larger diameter machines are still torque reactive as all within the TAGPIPE line. A whopping 3.5 HP pneumatic version or a 2.6 KW electric version are both available pushing 10 rpm's making heavy wall exotic pipe look and sound like sliced butter.


(part number tp24p & tp24e)

Range 7 - 24 Inches

Electric or Pneumatic

Last but definitely not least is the Prep 24. The 2.61 KW motor drives a reduction gearbox converting power into 12500 NM of torque!. The impressive range of 7-24 inches is achieved by a 5.9 inch locking shaft with plug jaws and a 12 point locking system. These low vibration machines are housed in the hex machined aluminum body unique to the TAG-PIPE line. These machines not only perform exceptionally, but they are a thing of beauty.


(call for part numbers)

Standard and Heavy Duty Tooling Available.

Tooling Capabilities

  • Internal and external beveling
  • Facing
  • Counterboring
  • Weld removal
  • J-prepping & compound bevels
  • Custom tooling available

Prep 3 Demo Video

Prep 24 Demo Video

Prep Series Standard Features

  • B&B offers a full range of tooling. Pipe facing, ID and OD beveling, weld removal, J prepping tooling and more are available in both standard hardness and with a heavy duty increased durability option designed for the hardest exotic materials.
  • Simple design for operator.  Operator can be up and running after 2 hours of practice or training.
  • All units are shipped with complete gripping segments to cover the full range of the machine. Service tools, drawings, instruction manual and warranty certificate are also supplied as a standard.
  • ​Each machine is supplied with a protective metal carry case.
  • All machines are CE rated.
  • ​Additional options include an auto locking device and elbow locking device
  • B&B recommends the use of portable filter lubricator with all pneumatic models.

Prep Series Product Specifications

If you would like more information on our End-Prep Machine line, click here.

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