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Flame Type Pipe Beveling & Cutting Machines

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools is proud to introduce a new line of flame type pipe cutting and beveling machines.  We commonly see these machines used in conjunction with our pipe jacks and clamping fit up tools, and now B&B offers these types of machines to compliment the current B&B line.   All machines are backed with a 90 day craftsmanship warranty and can be serviced in our Houston, TX service and repair center.  All machines come equipped with hoses and cutting torches and tips standard.  You add the oxy fuel and they are ready to go right out of the box.  These machines are no different than any other B&B products in that they are made of the highest quality, sold with the best service in the industry, and available at a very competitive price!  Please call one of our authorized distributors for more product information.  For help with finding a distributor please go to the "request more info" tab.

Manual Chain Pipe Cutter - pn 8000

Chain Cutting & Beveling Machines are proven cutting and beveling method and commonly used all over the world. B&B machines are portable oxy-fuel pipe cutters and bevelers using a chain and gear drive system. The drive chain is comprised of durable, interlocking links that can easily be added or removed for quick change of pipe diameters. A graduated bevel collar ensures accurate bevel setting, while control valves for fuel, preheat oxygen, and cutting oxygen are positioned away from the heat, yet placed ergonomically for operator use.

Features & Benefits - Part Number 8000

  • Bevel cuts or straight cuts, clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Interlocking chain links allow adjustment as needed for various pipe sizes.
  • Standard chain length is 8 feet with longer chain linkage available
  • Lightweight – The manual machine is under 25 lbs.
  • Worm Gear Drive, the low gear ratio ensures extremely smooth travel

Automatic Chain Pipe Cutter - pn 8001

B&B Automatic Chain Bevel Machines add a 110v motor providing automatic cutting with a remote handheld speed control. All the same features of the manual drive system are utilized, such as quick release easy adjust chain, robust construction and durability of the body and drive systems, easy cutting angle adjustment, and a clutch release that allows rapid carriage movement aiding in quick set up. An additional strait edge is also available for large diameter pipe (over 16 inches) and can be purchased by the foot.

Features & Benefits - Part Number 8001

  • Cuts and bevels a minimum of 8" and up to 24” standard. Additional chain available to handle larger pipe sizes.
  • Up to 45 degree bevels achieved
  • Cuts up to 2” thick pipe wall.
  • Guide rail/strait edge optional for larger diameter pipe. (Over 16”)
  • Remote control standard with automatic version.
  • Automatic version is light weight weighing in at 35 lbs.

Flame Cutting Specifications

Part numbers 8000 & 8001 Chain Adjustment Formula

Inches - Pipe Diameter x 2.54 + 13 - Round up to next link

Millimeter - Pipe Diameter x 1 + 13 - Round up to next link

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