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B&B Folding Pipe Jacks are backed with 17 years of manufacturing experience and all pipe jacks and pipe stands are rated with at least a 2:1 safety ratio that is 3rd party tested. With an increased dimension of our acme threads to 1½ inches and increased square tube legs to 1¼ inches, we've made B&B Pipe Jacks the strongest, most durable product on the market. B&B also offers more head options than any other manufacturer, because we feel pipe fabricators can never have too many options. We are confident B&B has an available head style for any pipe fabrication application.

Part Numbers 3900 & 4000 Shown

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New Head Style - B&B Hold Down Head!


Part Number 3904

Head with folding jack​

Hold Down Features & Advantages

  • Chain type work clamping and pipejack work holding & leveling all in one! 
  • Fits into any 3900 and 4100 series B&B Pipejack.
  • Up to 6" pipe capacity and 1000 lbs weight capacity.
  • Replaceable jaws.
  • Locks pipe to the jack in less than 5 seconds.


    1. 2,500 lbs standard V-head capacity with higher load rating        available.
    1. Two Sizes, 32" - 48" Standard. 22" - 39" Low profile.
    1. ​Third party tested with at least a 2:1 safety ratio.
    1. ​Oversized 10" V-Head for increased safety.
    1. ​Oversized square tube legs and braces for increased               durability.
    1. 1½" acme rod is the largest in the industry.
    1. Quick lock washer height adjustment for easy use.
    1. ​More head options than any manufacturer.
    1. Increased width instance for better stability.
    1. Safety washer can be locked onto the base for increased         operator safety.
    1. Unique bottom lock T-Handle reduces fit-up wobble.
    1. Fully welded carry handle doubles as security lock point.

Multiple Head Options Available

Standard v head

Oversized V is the largest in the market and commonly used in pipe fabrication.

2,500 lbs Capacity

Standard roller head

Commonly used to rotate smaller diameter pipe.

2,000 lbs Capacity

Ball Transfer assey

Added ability to rotate and feed pipe utilizing two ball transfers.

1,000 lbs. Capacity

Stainless v assey

Stainless sleeves for exotic fabrication. Solid V available on request.

2,500 lbs Capacity

Roller head assey

Attachment that slips over the V-Head to make a roller head.

1,000 lbs. Capacity

Conveyor head

Used in feeding flats and squares.

500 lbs. Capacity

Reinforced gusset v

Reinforced gussets and solid acme rod allow increased capacity.

3,000 lbs Capacity

Multiple wheel options

Steel, Stainless Steel, & Rubber wheels available.

1,000 - 2,000 lbs Capacity

V Conveyor head

Used in feeding rounds.

500 lbs. Capacity

Part Numbers & Specifications

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