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Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

B&B offers a range of shapes and sizes of inflatable stoppers, suitable for all applications. Made from a natural rubber bladder covered in waterproof polyurethane coated nylon to prevent friction and static electricity build up.

Sizes available - 2-80 inch

Features & Advantages

  • Can be made in multiple shapes and sizes upon request.
  • B&B’s inflatable Pipe Stoppers are supplied as standard with no through tube. Through tubes can be supplied when the stoppers are required for weld purging applications.
  • When deflated, the inflatable stoppers can be inserted and withdrawn with ease.
  • Each inflatable stopper comes with an inflation hose fitted with a schrader valve enabling inflation with a standard airline, bicycle or foot pump.
  • Heat resistant stoppers available made from a specially designed Kevlar and Nomex mix material to withstand temperatures up to 932°f/500°c for applications involving higher temperatures such as pre heating.
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