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B&B's King Clamp is the more robust version of the PDQ.  This type of Hi-Low clamp has been used for years in pipe fabrication and can be utilized with no training.  If you understand the most basic fitting principles than the King Clamp is ready to go.  The offered improvements that separate this from other similar styles is the design.  The clamping components are drop forged and will allow years of use even in the toughest abusive environments.

Features & Advantages

  • Available in 5 sizes from 1-14 inch, though 4 cover the entire range.
  • Forged steel body allows years of use.
  • Replaces more traditional and slower methods of fit up such as welding and then grinding dogs onto pipe.
  • Complete Zinc plate for corrosion resistance.
  • Additional stainless sleeves can be used to protect exotic pipe from contamination.


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