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Pipe Rack Rollers - Beam Clamp Rollers

B&B offers a new & unique pipe roller used to push or pull pipe vertically. These Rollers can be easily modified and used as a beam clamp roller for use in installation of pipe racks, or with a base and used in pipeline staging and directional drilling. All rollers are urethane coated with sealed bearings for smooth damage free rolling, and all components are replaceable with a quick bolt together design. These rollers can hold from 2-48 Inch pipe with capacities up to 20,000 lbs. When set up in beam clamp mode they fasten to both sides of the I-beam flange offering a much safer option than more conventional clamping rollers.

Part # 2110 Beam Clamp Roller - 2-24 inch Pipe & 2,500 lbs Capacity.

​Part # 2115HD - Roller Stand Set Up.   7,500 lbs Capacity.

​Part # 2125HD - Holds up to 4-48 inch pipe & 20,000 lbs

​Part # 2126HD - Holds up to 4-48 inch pipe & 20,000 lbs

​Part # 2135HD - Holds up to 16-60 inch pipe & 20,000 lbs

​Part # 2136HD - Holds up to 16-60 inch pipe & 20,000 lbs

Features & Advantages

  • All rigging rollers come standard with 95a hard urethane rollers that are replaceable in seconds.
  • Two bearings per each roller ensures smooth resistance free rolling.
  • ​Beam clamp rollers feature a unique double sided clamping system that securely locks the roller on the I beam on flanges up to 12”.
  • ​B&B design features replaceable wheels and housings. Simply loosen two bolts to remove the wheel and housing.
  • Three sizes available that are capable of carrying pipe from 2 - 60 inches.
  • ​Four capacities available within 2,500 to 20,000 lbs range.
  • ​The Beam clamp roller has an optional safety harness available for pipe-rack installation.
  • Convenient carry handles come standard on all models.
  • The modular design is ideal for rental fleets.
  • Available with Ball Transfer Rollers on request.
  • Low profile designs enables rigging in tight spaces.

​Clamping occurs on both sides of the I-beam for increased safety and efficiency.

Side View of Roller in Beam Clamp Set Up

Part Numbers & Descriptions

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