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A little bit about B&B purging systems.........

When welding stainless steel, titanium, duplex,  and other corrosion resistant materials ,the perfect welding environment is a must for maintaining corrosion resistant properties. During the welding process, the internal weld seam is subjected to heat and air when the proper processes are not adhered to. This causes oxidation.   To prevent this oxidation from occurring, purging systems are used to purge the oxygen from within the pipe, and insert shielded gas back into the pipe at the weld seam.   B&B purging systems are much more efficient that traditional plug methods whereby the entire pipe length must be purged.  The increased efficiency of B&B purge systems directly relates to savings in labor, saving in time(money), and increased quality of the  weld.

B&B pipe purging systems offer savings in gas, savings in time,  savings in labor, all while improving weld quality!

Instructions for B&B Pipe Purging Systems

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