The B&B Pipe cart is a six wheeled, low height, narrow width cart that is strong enough to carry 2,000 lbs. / 910 kg, but agile enough to turn and fit through doorways with ease.

The push handles and V-block can be unassembled and stored in seconds when not in use.

If you remove the V-block attachment from the cart you have a 2,000 lbs. / 910 kg cart capable of moving just about anything within rated capacity.

The carts can be stacked for shipment and storage, and the casters ship assembled to the cart ready for use.


  • Transports pipe up to 24 foot / 750 cm in length.
  • Pipe capacity: up to 36"
  • 6 wheels ideal for workshop transportation
  • Removable V for squares and flats.
  • Removable handles for stacking and storage.