The B&B 3 Leg Giant Jack offers the same pipe diameter capacity of 36" and same capacity ratings as the 5 Leg Giant Jack, but is used in a static position. The solid 1¾" ACME rod height adjustment sets the B&B Giant Jack apart from our competitor’s hollow ACME-threads, along with increased leg tube dimensions. Multiple wheel options including steel, stainless steel and rubber are ideal for a variety of applications. B&B also offers stainless steel sleeves for fit-up involving exotic pipe that requires no rotation, ball transfer attachments that allow both rotation and feeding of rounds, or take the wheels off and you have oversized V-Head Pipe Jack ideal for heavy wall, large diameter steel pipe fit-ups.


  • Rated at 5,000 lbs. capacity with no wheels and 2,500 lbs. w/ steel wheels.
  • Operating height 33" - 44".
  • Available with steel, stainless steel or rubber wheels.
  • 32" wide stance increases stability.
  • Recommended for up to 36" pipe.
  • Increased leg wall thickness and increased tube dimension adds greater strength for bigger pipe fabrication.
  • Solid 13/4" ACME rod comes standard with all B&B Giant Jacks.
  • Nylon washer allows smooth raising and lowering of the V-Head.